Three carnivals in one

Killcare Surf Life Saving club will host the carnivalKillcare Surf Life Saving club will host the carnival

A local surf life saving club will host three carnivals in one on Saturday, January 14. The Killcare Mega Carnival will include Round Five of the Surfboat Series.

This event involves five people trying to push through waves in a seven metre, 200kg vessel made of timber and fi breglass. Killcare does not have any rowing teams this season but local surf club members are competing for other clubs, including Pete Bagnall, Sarah Doak Stride and Megan Sheppard in various Terrigal crews and Lisa Mount in the MacMasters’ crew.

Competitors will be involved in swim, board, board rescue, double and single ski and ironperson events. On the sand, under-14s through to Opens and Masters will be doing battle in two kilometre beach runs, flags, sprint and relay events.

Newsletter, 6 Jan 2016 Peter Bagnall, Killcare Surf Life Saving Club

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