Whose fault is it that Gosford is the way it is?

Letter to the editor

Senator Deborah O’Neill is on the warpath over the proposed access road to the new ATO building on Gosford waterfront (O’Neill calls on Wicks to stop the use of park land for an ATO access road, Coast Community News, November 3).

I note Ms O’Neill, typical of the way Labor addresses issues these days, gets fairly personal against Ms Wicks who, from my experience, is far from being out of touch with community issues as O’Neill wants us to believe. I also love the way Sen O’Neill claimed Labor will fi ght for the long-term revitalisation of Gosford, sensible development, et-al. I guess that’s why Gosford is in the dilapidated state it is; Labor’s great efforts while in Government under Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd?

At least Ms Wicks is focused on, and is getting results by, having the ATO relocated here and in championing the development of Gosford Hospital that will create more jobs and greater training opportunities for locals in the health sector. Of course Labor doesn’t want us to know these things because it’s good news. As for the road through the park, I’m sure the Central Coast Council can tell us the reasons why this is necessary given its responsibilities for local infrastructure planning.

Email, Nov 11, 2016 John George, Terrigal

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