“Lucy’s Lane” is a gazetted public road

Baker St extension

Mr Gavin Edgar, the Doma Group’s General Manager of Development, has rebutted some of the claims made by NSW Senator, Ms Deborah O’Neill, regarding ATO site in Baker St, Gosford, in Issue 145 of Coast Community News.

Mr Edgar said he wanted to rectify some errors of fact made by Sen O’Neill regarding the proposed Baker St extension, nicknamed “Lucy’s Lane” by NSW Labor. “I thought it appropriate to clarify some facts around the Baker St extension,” Mr Edgar said. “Baker St is zoned B4 Mixed Use and Chapter 4.4 of Gosford DCP 2013 applies to the road and the site “It is mandated by council under their development controls for access to the former public school site.

“Baker St is shown as a public road on DP 1210298. “This deposited plan was prepared and submitted by the NSW State Government and approved by Council prior to Doma Group purchasing the site. “A search of the history of Baker St, between Georgiana Tce and Vaughan Ave, by the Lands Offi ce, would confi rm that Baker St is a public road owned by council. “It was dedicated as public road by Government Gazette on December 16, 1927. “Approval for works in Baker St was required under the Roads Act 1993 and is a condition of the DA approval. “This has been received by council,” Mr Edgar said.

Media release, Nov 14, 2016 Gavin Edgar, Doma Group