Use Cairns’ waterfront as an example

A view of Cairns waterfront from the airA view of Cairns waterfront from the air

I have recently returned from Cairns and I was very interested in what the local council had provided for their residents and for tourists.

For about two kilometres, there are places for children and adults to use at no cost to them. There is a boardwalk along the waterfront for pedestrians and cycles which also has seats along the way. There are fi tness items in the park, barbecues, paddle pools with water spraying, cubbyhouses, play equipment and there is also a café which is open from early morning to 7:00pm. I would like the people looking after Gosford council to go and see what I have mentioned. Further on, there is a swimming pool for adults, a paddle pool and change rooms and toilets. This would be wonderful on Gosford waterfront and would bring many tourists and locals to the area.

Email, Jul 7, 2016 Joy Gannell, Kincumber

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