Reptile Park has introduced a baby animal nursery

Wombats like their heads scratchedWombats like their heads scratched

The Australian Reptile Park is experiencing a baby boom this spring.

The park has introduced a baby animal nursery for visitors to admire the zooborns, as you would visiting a maternity ward in a hospital admiring newborns. The baby animals are rotated in the animal nursery between feeds, and are on watch by a keeper regularly to ensure their wellbeing. Set up in a nocturnal environment, the nursery displays the babies behind glass, under heat lights, cuddling up with each other or their surrogate mothers (a duplicate soft teddy of their species). On rotational display in the nursery are baby emus, wombats, Tasmanian devils, quolls, possums and tortoises. The spring babies also made an appearance in the park’s school holidays baby animal show, with the star attraction being the Tasmanian devil twins, Moose and Marley, and hand raised baby koala, May.

Media release, Sep 30, 2016 Lizzie Doyle, The Australian Reptile Park