Temporary Red Cross donation depot

A Red Cross donation depot has been set up at Erina Fair until the end of March to encourage shoppers and retailers to reuse and recycle, and to support the everyday work of Red Cross.

Marketing Manager for Red Cross Shops, Ms Kate Dear said temporary donation depots utilise unoccupied spaces in shopping centres to provide an easy way for people to donate unwanted clothing or household goods.

“We work with centre managers to identify possible locations for donation depots and help create a surprise for regular shoppers,” Ms Dear said. “Red Cross donation depots are bright and distinctive with a big chute for donations to be popped inside,” she said.

“Instead of travelling to your nearest charity shop, you can donate there.” Every item purchased at a Red Cross Shop helps support the everyday work of Red Cross. If you regularly donate clothing or shop at a Red Cross Shop you can get 25 per cent off future purchases with a Red Cross Shop Loyalty Card.

Ask for a card at your local Red Cross Shop when you shop or donate.

Media release, Feb1 5, 2016 Bruce Wardley, Red Cross