Garage fire in West Gosford

A house on Brisbane Water Drive West Gosford sustained fi re damage via an electrical fault.

Kariong Fire and Rescue attended a house fire in West Gosford on Wednesday, December 30.

Two people were at home at the time of the fire that took place in the garage. Four crews attended the fi re with a total of 16 crew members. The fi re was put out in approximately 10 minutes with no reported injuries.

Station officer Mr Craig Warren said: “There was fi re, heat and smoke damage to the garage with heat and smoke damage to the ceiling of the whole house. “We had a good response time of two minutes as we were in the area at that time.” Mr Warren said that while they can’t be certain, the believed cause of the fi re was an electrical fault.

Interview, Jan 6, 2016 Craig Warren, Kariong Fire and Rescue Victoria Power/