Waterfront proposal leaves too many questions unanswered

The Gosford Waterfront is Crown Land reserved for public recreation.

The CCRDC has said its sole purpose is to sell off government land for development. The two are not compatible.

It is my belief CCRDC won’t care if the Performing Art Centre fails once a plan of management is prepared, as the tax office access will destroy War Memorial Park and so the Performing Arts Centre can’t get built on poppy park.

Council, as approval authority, has said for good reason it can’t go on the poppy park. It will destroy our war memorial park as well.

There is the issue of what building on the triassic shales, the water table and the sea level rise accommodations of 1 to 1.5 metres along Broadwater (required before development) will cost.

Why has there been no feasibility, infrastructure, environmental and traffic planning by CCRDC on their ‘vision’?

Why no community consultation and no regard for Gosford Masterplan and community consultation processes?

Minister Hazzard in Hansard stated his concerns about CCRDC’s lack of consultation with the community

Email, Nov 12, 2015
Kay Williams, Pearl Beach