Credit where credit is due

I wish to thank Chris Holstein for his foresight in getting the State Government onto the West Gosford turn off with Brisbane Water Drive.

It only goes to show the electorate that it does not matter who is in power, that our money is used for the benefit of the people. I hope the Labor Party doesn’t take credit for it as a Liberal got it done.

I’ve had to wait for this since 1998 when I met the former minister of roads on site to have something done. However, it is now nearly complete after many years of procrastination by political parties year after year.

Let’s have another project that the people are satisfied with about Gosford. Forget the high rise and have the maximum at eight storeys instead of the 32 contemplated by the CCRDC, which is a non-elected and dictatorial public service.

Do we want Gosford looking like a Tower of Babel area (remember what happened to that)? It is always the people that govern this country not the public service, they are our servants not our dictators.

Email, Oct 31, 2014
Robert Findley, Point Clare