Foreshore land sale was a giant fraud against the public

We are deceived.

“Gosford Primary School decided to move” – Graeme Inchley, chair , on ABC radio (October 8). What a joke. This revisionism attempts to deliberately mislead.

We know the community was promised a Performing Arts Centre (PAC) on this site after a forced relocation of the school but the Government agenda to sell the site privately is now revealed.

All the ‘plans’ of CCRDC were merely concept designs without any force or feasibility studies. Traffi c plans will be up to individual developers. Even the tax offi ce building might not look like the pictures we see as it is up to the private purchaser of the site, DOMA. How many stories might it be?

We have been deluded by the impression of integrated planning, which is nonexistent, in an expensive waste of money to just privatise public land.

We have been grievously deceived by a State government agenda to simply privatise public land, and the more they are forced to tell us, the more we become aware that this is a land sale dressed up as a planning exercise which has no substance.

It is a giant fraud against the public: smoke and mirrors! Public lands must stay in public hands and Crown Land (all the reclaimed Broadwater) cannot be privatised. We must insist on the rule of law.

Email, Oct 8, 2015
Kay Williams, Pearl Beach