Proposed misuse of crown land is unlawful

When the 600 people are eventually identified for forced relocation from Canberra, they will do exactly what WorkCover did: start applying for Canberra jobs to return to their homes and family.

Why will this succeed on the same failed model? Moreover, the 700 jobs have not even yet been identified despite trying for over a year to work out how to implement this model.

The public land had been sold off to a private Canberra developer, to lease back to the tax office for 10 years on a guaranteed lease, about the time it took the Workcover model to fail, then the developer can do as he wishes with the site.

The further consequence for community is the destruction of Poppy Park to build a Performing Arts Centre (PAC) on sea level affected land, and in the process turn War Memorial Park into a walkway for the PAC entrance.

Both these Parks are Crown Land reserved specifically for public recreation, and the proposed misuse is unlawful. So what is the future of our PAC if not built on the site the community identified and Gosford Council supports?

Email, Sep 30, 2015
Kay Williams, Pearl Beach