Failure to collect garbage causes issues

On Thursday, October 15 the yellow bins failed to be picked up from Glennie St, North Gosford/Wyoming, in the morning.

I do not know whether other streets suffered the same fate. Whether this was due to mass amnesia by the drivers, or a breakdown of the entire fleet, I know not.

What I do know is that as the day grew on, those of us who did the right thing and left our bins on the kerb found them blocked in by selfish drivers parking next to them.

This was still the case the following morning; afraid that the trucks would turn up later on the Friday, I moved my bin onto the street, in contravention of Council regulations.

This was just as well, because upon my return later in the day my bin (that was illegally on the street) had been cleared, but others were not so lucky.

Does Gosford Council have an explanation for their failure to collect the bins on time? Last I looked, our rates are supposed to pay for this service, and now some, if not many, residents have been inconvenienced.

Email, Oct 16, 2015
Dave Horsfall, North

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