Arts, culture and community are truly beyond politics

Some are trying to make the Gosford Performing Arts Centre, cultural heart and ATO placement a political issue.

However, arts, culture and community are truly beyond politics. People of all political persuasions, and no political persuasions, are passionate about Gosford getting its cultural heart.

So why not make all events and gatherings all political and non-political?

Instead of politics, let it simply be people with passion for arts and community joining together to advocate that the ATO building must be located within Gosford business precinct, allowing the waterfront to become the gateway to the Central Coast and the vibrant cultural and community heart of Gosford, featuring the long-awaited Performing Arts Centre, and creating jobs for many.

Let Gosford waterfront, like The Entrance, be filled with families, fun, music, markets, arts, performance and events. It is time for the City of Gosford to open its heart to support what it seems the vast majority of its people are seeking.

Letter, Oct 19, 2015
Kate Landsberry, Narara