Conservatorium now has a specially made harpsichord

The Central Coast Conservatorium and Central Coast Symphony Orchestra have purchased a Sydney-made harpsichord that was featured at Charmian and Friends in Chamber Music on August 22 and 23.

Funds for the harpsichord were raised by both groups in conjunction with the Australian String Academy and Friends of the Performing Arts (FOPAP) over a period of seven years. Over $20,000 was raised for the harpsichord.

Violinist and Central Coast local, Ms Charmian Gadd said: “We did a worldwide search for a suitable maker and found one in Sydney.

“There’s a big baroque movement in this country, it’s very popular in Sydney.” The harpsichord was played at the event by internationally recognised Mr Erin Helyard, former Central Coast resident.  “He’s a lively and lovely character,” Ms Gadd said.

Saturday, August 22, saw two performances with an art exhibition lunch held at Central Coast Conservatorium inbetween.

Performers in concert one were local musicians, Ms Gadd, Ms Olivia Bell, Ms Liz Woolnough, Mr Sebastien Hibbard and Mr Helyard.

The Conservatorium Gallery Lunch commenced at 2pm at Robert Knox Hall where a number of local artists showcased their work. Also included at the gallery lunch were performances by local cellists, Mr Jeremy Bell and Mr Adrian Bell.

Concert two was titled The Noble Violincello. Performers in concert two were local musicians Mr Hyung Suk Bae, Mr Kenny Mizushima and Mr Tony Gault.

Concert three, was titled A Virtuoso Recital with Ms Susie Park and Mr Phillip Shovk. “He’s a local hero,” Ms Gadd said, “He’s raised more money than anyone.”

A lunch was also held for subscribers with gypsy music, art and instrument exhibits. Concert four, titled Brilliant Baroque featured local musicians Mr Helyard, Mr Chris Pidock, Mr Georg Pedersen and Ms Karina Hollands with the Concertante Ensemble.

Ms Gadd said, “We already have a nice ensemble here, Concertante Ensemble. “Now there’s a harpsichord here, we will be able to have some baroque music.”

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