Dry July raising funds for CoastCanCare

Dry July a challenge.

Central Coast Local Health District staff recently held a Big Brekkie at Gosford Hospital Cancer Centre to celebrate making it past the Dry July halfway mark.

Many of the staff signed up for the challenge of not consuming any alcohol for the whole month of July. Participants nominated the Central Coast Local Health District, CoastCanCare as their beneficiary to ensure their fundraising dollar goes directly towards helping local patients and carers.

So far this year, 438 Dry July participants have raised more than $42,900 for CoastCanCare. CoastCanCare Wellness Program is a wellbeing and recovery tool which provides information, practical tools and support to promote self-management and wellness for Central Coast adults with cancer.

Radiation therapist and team captain of Rad Oncoholics, Ms Cindy Lac said: “We want to help ensure the CoastCanCare Wellness Program continues to support our patients and carers, not only during their treatment, but long after treatment ends.

“Being able to see the positive impact has given us that extra motivation to be involved,” Ms Lac said. “Most people know someone affected by cancer, so we urge the whole community to continue to show their support for Dry July.”

Ms Lac said that even though there’s a fierce rivalry among the staff teams, ultimately they were all doing it for the same reason.

Media release, 20 Jul 2015
Lauren Nicholls, Central
Coast Local Health District