Historical society welcomes new committee

Brisbane Waters Historical Society welcomed new committee members at its annual meeting held on Saturday, March 21.

All committee positions were declared vacant and the newly elected committee comprises Edith Campbell as president, Margaret Pearce as senior vice president, Shirley Rider and Tricia Scott as vice presidents, Cheryl Remfry as secretary, George Boettiger as treasurer and Kathleen Ness, Sandra Hunt-Sharman and Jim Wilson make up the committee. Earl of Gosford Mr Charles Gosford and Gosford mayor Cr Lawrie McKinna were appointed patrons.

Remaining in their appointed roles are Brian McCafferty as public officer, Margaret Pearce as publicity officer and Shirley Rider as newsletter editor.

Ms Campbell welcomed and thanked the new committee as well as recognised the members in appointed positions for their time and efforts.

A short meeting took place following the appointments, with guest speaker Gwen Dundon giving a presentation on the history of East Gosford.

Newsletter, 4 April 2015
Shirley Rider, Brisbane
Waters Historical Society