Council congratulated


I write to congratulate Gosford Council on the decision to allow lights for training at Saratoga Oval.

This decision has made a lot of people involved in sport related activities happy.
The kids just love to be together, having fun, while honing their skills at various sports.
The coaches and offi cials worked hard to get lighting against a few misguided opponents.
Well done, one for the community!
Council has released proposed changes to the Pippi Point, Illoura Reserve off leash dog areas following another independent survey which found that no endangered species were evident at Pippi Point, including the fabled Bush Stone-curlew.
Council proposes a clearance of the scrub in that area and full fencing around that area to accommodate the Bush Stone-curlew and other species.
This would allow the community and dogs to enjoy the foreshore.
Illoura reserve would retain the off leash policy as it has for a long time.
Surely the friends of the Bush Stone-curlew will be happy with the referee’s decision, for all the community.

Letter, 18 Jul 2014
Ian Killen, Saratoga