Artist’s impression falls short


When I saw the “artist’s impression” on page 10 (Coast Community News, July 9) for the article “Waterfront development mired in controversy” I thought it was a promotion for a new exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery.

If it is a ‘detect the errors’ style presentation I have noticed many.
There are no: gross pollutant traps; trash racks and fl oating booms in estuary; waste bins or recycling bins; safety fencing along the foreshore and buildings; security lighting/ fencing; storm surge barrier/ wind barrier; cyclist’s/ pedestrian demarcation; design and style suitable for the character of the estuary; or safety signs warning of local conditions.
There will need to be a plan of management for the Broadwater as well as the plan for Brisbane Water. Why are actions in the Brisbane Water Plan of Management collecting dust when this development will be operational by Easter 2015?
Is that part of the estuary destined to be a marine ‘dead zone’ increasing as development is approved?
Do the councillors have the ability to discuss estuary health issues?


Letter, 14 Jul 2014
Norman Harris, Umina