New website listing all sporting events

Ettalong resident Stephen Brooks and Ray Moore of Terrigal have teamed up and created a free new website that lists all sporting events in the region.

The website,, (FSE) allows people to search for all available sports events in their area, in any category from running, walking, cycling, water sports, triathlons, surfing and extreme and for all levels of fitness. Brooks and Moore first spoke about the idea over 12 months ago.

“Living on the Coast and being just north of Sydney we wanted to launch it here initially and assist those event organisers get their sporting events out to the public in a one stop location,” said the men. “It’s the largest selection of social, endurance, fun and competitive events for your next physical adventure.”

FSE, as it is becoming to be known, allows searchers to quickly select their sport on the front page and then look at each event in date order. The site also allows people to select events by experience and or date order if required. “This has all been possible with the help of our very smart local web designer, Dom Sammut who is a graduate from the University of Newcastle and employed at Mezzanine-Media. “Dom’s role has been invaluable and helped make a local idea a reality,” said Ray and Steve.

Media release, 11 Jun 2014
Stephen Brooks, Ettalong