Wellbeing Day in East Gosford


After the success of last year’s Kidsmatter Day, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School has organised another Well-being Day to be held on Friday, June 27, at the Primary campus and Hylton Moore Park in East Gosford.

Well-being Day aims to encourage a sense of belonging, develop social and emotional learning and reflective practice in order to create a sense of well-being amongst students and the whole school community. The aim of the day is to enhance the students’ well-being through an interactive, musical and fun show which highlights “the keys to success; resilience, confidence, persistence, organisation and getting along”. Presenters will model and explain habits of the mind to encourage students to think rationally and achieve positive outcomes in their social and emotional interaction with others.

Newsletter 15 Jun 2014
Nicole Cumming,
St Patrick’s Catholic
Primary School