Kincumber Festival on hold

Organisers of Kincumber Festival have decided to put this year’s festival on hold after 11 years to examine all possibilities.

Kincumber Festival managers Colette Baron and Nicole Turner said: “While last year’s festival was a great success, we have decided we need to consult with the local community, local organisations and businesses to decide the level of support that the community are willing to contribute, and how it could all look into the future.” “As you would realise, an event of this scope takes a lot of our resources to execute, and to have it as a true community festival, there needs to be more community involvement in the organisation than what there was last year.

“Our feedback from local community and businesses so far is that it has so much potential to enhance the profile of the local community, but by stepping back and strategically working out the best and most efficient way to facilitate an event, we can ensure that we are creating something that benefits the whole community, if it is indeed what the community wants. “As you would appreciate, we have put in a lot of work over the past 17 months within our organisation working on a strategic plan and putting into place measures that take the organisation into the future direction with funding requirements, and that also maximise our reach within the community.

“We need to ensure that we as an organisation remain as efficient as possible and continue to roll out programs and events that capture and engage as many facets of our community as possible. “We are very proud of our centre and all it has to offer, and need to ensure that whatever programs and events we roll out into the future continue to build on this model. “We have two other events planned for this year which are both partnerships.

“The first is the Health Connection, in partnership with Brentwood Village, and the second is a Youth Festival in partnership with the Kincumber Youth Centre. “We will be looking for feedback from the local community through surveys and consultations and will put together a working party towards the end of the year made up of interested community members. “Consultation is an ongoing activity for any organisation, to ensure that the current needs and requirements of the community are met as our demographic constantly changes. “We would welcome feedback from any of our valued members.”

Email, 31 May 2014
Colette Baron and
Nicole Turner,
Kincumber Festival