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Frantastics still on hold

The Peninsula-based popular choir, The Frantastics, has announced it will not resume activities until government regulations in relation to COVID-19 allow. Director, Fran Kendall, said things had been looking good…

Gaybies takes Jopuka full circle

It’s been a short and bittersweet year for Tuggerah’s Jopuka Productions, with the company to end its 2020 relaunch season with the show that first thrust them into the spotlight….

Welcome to the Lyons Den

Gosford’s newest bar, LYONS DEN, is set to be serving up African style food in the jungle-themed venue by the beginning of December. Co-owners and brother and sister duo, Jared…

Aqua Park is back for fifth summer

Central Coast Aqua Park and the Gosford Waterfront Carnival will be opening for the summer with added COVID restrictions. There will be a limit on the number of people allowed…

Betty Child turns 100

One of Narara’s favourite residents, Betty Child, celebrated turning 100 with balloons, banners, and bubbles on November 11.

Used motor oil is rejuvenated

When you think about recycling, motor oil might not immediately spring to mind, but with one litre of inappropriately disposed oil able to contaminate one million litres of water, the…

Lantanasaur to Loch Ness

Pete Rush’s Jurassic journey up North has gone the way of the dinosaurs, with his latest and most ambitious creation, Lantanasaur, dismantled after a single complaint from a community member….

Big Chairs bigger mystery

It was supposed to be a community art project that the North could be proud of, but mystery now surrounds Central Coast Council’s Big Chair Paint Out. Held in the…