Puppet musical and live animal show

A scene from The One Who Planted Trees

Experience a new environmentally conscious Aussie puppet musical and live animal experience at The Art House on June 12.

In the face of a global climate emergency, what good can one person really do?

That is the question The One Who Planted Trees sets out to answer.

From Australia’s most celebrated puppetry company, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, the sustainability focused musical will have children singing and dancing their way down to the garden.

Set in the Aussie outback and narrated by a koala, bandicoot and one very fun-loving frilled-neck lizard, The One Who Planted Trees tells the story of a woman on a mission to restore the land she loves.

Through puppetry, song and digital animation, the critters sing to life a tale about hope and renewal.

Packed full of catchy tunes and important messages about looking after the land we live on, The One Who Planted Trees does not shy away from important topics like climate change or deforestation.

Rather, the show tactfully integrates these issues in a way that’s appropriate for kids, treating them as the future custodians of the planet.

The One Who Planted Trees asks audiences to envision a kinder, greener world in a visually stunning and thought-provoking piece of children’s theatre that is joyous and inspiring.

The show couldn’t come at a better time, with the Central Coast Harvest Festival running in the days prior, in a weekend long celebration of the Coast’s lush and dynamic green spaces.

Amazement Farm and Fun Park and Central Coast Zoo will deliver a free live animal experience as pre-show entertainment and aspiring little green thumbs will also get the chance to interact with the cast and their puppets in a post-show Meet The Puppeteers style Q&A.

The One Who Planted Trees will be performed at The Art House, Wyong, at 10am and 6pm on Wednesday, June 12.