Expert avian photography

Brendan Tucker won the common bird category with his photo of a male Scarlet Honeyeater

The successful 2023 Central Coast Bird Group-Birding NSW photography competition saw 22 photographers enter 94 images for judging.

This was the third year of the competition which comprises three categories – common birds, uncommon birds and vagrants – and photographs had to be taken on the Central Coast during 2023.

The winner of the common bird category was Brendan Tucker with his photo of a male Scarlet Honeyeater.

With its bright red head, the male Scarlet Honeyeater is a spectacular bird that normally feeds high in the canopy, so Tucker did well to get the shot.

Second place went to Liz Noble with her picture of a Black-faced Monarch.

Monarchs are Spring migrants to the Central Coast and can be found in rainforest environments.

Third place went to Jennifer Carrigan with a shot of a Little Tern with a chick under its wing.

The picture was taken at The Entrance North where the endangered Little Terns once again breed successfully.

This is the most important and successful breeding site in NSW.

Liz Noble’s picture of a Sooty Oystercatcher

In the uncommon bird category, the winner was Liz Noble with her picture of a Sooty Oystercatcher against the dramatic background of a wild ocean.

Sooty Oystercatcher inhabit the rocky headlands along the Central Coast.

In second place was Christina Port with a shot of a Varied Sittella.

Sittellas are cute little birds that gather in groups.

They feed characteristically by working their way down the branches in search of insects under the bark.

Third place went to Tricia Sweet with her shot of a South Emu-wren.

Emu-wrens are skulking birds of the undergrowth and are difficult to locate and photograph.

A Pacific Gull photographed by Nick Giles at Terrigal

The winner of the vagrant bird category was Nick Giles with a nice shot of a Pacific Gull taken at Terrigal.

This was only the seventh record for this species on the Central Coast.

Second place went to Graham Nelson for his photo of a Brown Songlark taken at The Entrance beach.

This was the eighth record for the Central Coast.

A superb Wood Sandpiper photo taken by Tricia Sweet was awarded third place.

The Wood Sandpiper has been a regular visitor to Central Coast wetlands for several years.

The winners received wooden bowls expertly crafted by master woodturner Rob Benson from locally sourced timber.

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