Construction sector faltering just when we need it most

Artist impression of the Central Coast Quarter

The construction sector is facing significant challenges that are impacting the development of new homes, a necessity given the urgent demand for housing.

Difficulties such as rising material costs, labour shortages and regulatory hurdles are slowing down projects, exemplified by the financial trouble of Gosford’s Central Coast Quarter development being built by St Hilliers.

These obstacles not only delay the completion of much-needed residences but also escalate costs, making homes less affordable for potential buyers.

According to figures from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ASIC, the construction sector faced significant impacts of costs and restricted cash flow, with a resulting increase in companies under administration, such as St Hilliers.

The leading cause of failure for construction businesses was identified as poor cash flow, high cash usage and trading losses.

Aside from the obvious responsibility of these companies to manage their constructions responsibly, the grim reality is that the sector is in a perfect storm, a storm not entirely of its own making.

The Reserve Bank must take into account the results of its actions over the last few years on the housing sector as a whole.

Not to be forgotten are the first home buyers and mum and dad investors who have paid good money through savings or borrowings to purchase a home that at best will be delayed and at worst will not eventuate.

Addressing these issues requires a concerted effort from industry stakeholders and policymakers to streamline processes, ensure the availability of resources and support the workforce, ensuring that the construction of new homes can proceed efficiently and meet the urgent demand for housing.

David Abrahams – Managing Editor

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