Sensible balance needed

Jared Wright’s letter (CCN 423 Councillors fundamental to a brighter future) suggests that apart from the “3 Rs” new councillors should be focused on fiscal and economic management and the social needs of the Central Coast.

I would suggest that as well as those issues, our elected councillors (will need) to focus on achieving a sensible balance between development and our environment.

This is especially so as climate change continues its inevitable advance with more extreme impacts.

Tellingly, the article on page three of the same issue (Peninsula in crisis over lack of trees) predicts an unliveable Peninsula as a result of Council’s own failure to enforce its current planning provisions in regard to overdevelopment and continued loss of trees.

(This is) a failure  that is already spreading across the Coast, threatening the same dismal outcome for more suburbs.

For me it would be a concern if the new councillors don’t have protection of the environment (in mind) as further development takes place.

Email, Jan 29
Carey Buls, Saratoga

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