‘Protection works’ won’t protect

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As a very concerned member of the community in regards to the proposed seawall, I would just like to ask why it is being called ‘coastal protection works’ when really the only thing it’s protecting are the homes/businesses along the shore front.

It will destroy the beach, lagoons, dunes and nature reserve (according to the experts).

I’d also like to point out (that) we bought our house at Terrigal knowing full well it had no stormwater gutters and the land would be prone to flooding due to stormwater runoff.

We have spent thousands trying to alleviate the issue to no avail.

Why do the people who knew full well the hazards of buying and building on the shore front get protection at the cost of ratepayers and the environment and the rest of us have to live with our issues?

It’s about time we had an elected Council in place (to) support the wider community.

Email, Dec 1
Lee Szlachetka, Terrigal