The Angels set to play Doyalson

The Angels: Tom Brewster, John Brewster, Nick Norton, Rick Brewster and Sam Brewster

The Angels are celebrating five decades as one of Australia’s most revered rock bands with a national tour including Doyalson RSL on November 10.

The 50 Years In The Making tour will see the band traverse the country with dates scheduled across South Australia, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Former drummer Nick Norton takes centre stage as the new front man replacing Dave Gleeson, who had 12 years in the role.

Having been a member of the band since 2011, Norton is a familiar face to fans.

He will not only be fronting the band on vocals but will be playing alongside Rick and John Brewster on guitar.

Founding member John Brewster said Norton was an incredible musician and a great singer and songwriter.

“He obviously knows the songs like the back of his hand and the fans already know and love him, so he’s the perfect fit,” Brewster said.

“The 50th anniversary is a very special time for The Angels.

“And it means a lot that the fans already know Nick.

“Our relationship with the audience means everything to us and we’ll never take that for granted.”

Rick Brewster said that for the band it had always been about the songs and the power of the guitars.

Norton said the band had a heritage of great music with classic songs and killer riffs.

“The legwork is already done; I just have to get up and sing them.

“Twelve years in the band behind the (drum) kit has provided the pedigree, not to mention learning at the school of rock from the honourable Dave Gleeson.

“I look forward to sweating it out at venues across the nation with the fans, heading into The Angels 50th year.”

The band has a set-list of catalogue classics that are ingrained in the hearts of every Australian rock fan, including Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, Take A Long Line, No Secrets, Shadow Boxer, Marseilles, I Ain’t The One, Comin’ Down, Mr Damage, After The Rain, Night Attack, Dogs Are Talking and We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.

Replacing Norton on drums is John Brewster’s son Tom, meaning The Angels will now have two sets of Brewster Brothers – John and Rick on guitar, and Sam (who joined the band in 2013) on bass and Tom on drums.

The Angels will play at the Doyalson RSL on Friday, November 10.

Tickets are available via

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