Reid calls for fairer petrol prices

Member for Gosford Gordon Reid at the Ampol service station at West Gosford

Federal Member for Robertson Gordon Reid is demanding an explanation on why petrol prices on the Central Coast are so high.

Reid said people in the region were paying more for petrol than those in other regions and wanted an explanation for the disparity.

“It is no secret that on the Central Coast, motorists here often pay 20-30 cents more per litre (than people in other areas),” Reid said.

“The people on the Central Coast deserve an explanation.

“I have written to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and raised this issue.

“I receive a high volume of correspondence about petrol prices and the disparity that occurs between our region and others.

“It is time the ACCC investigates this matter appropriately and provides a detailed explanation.

“I will continue to raise this matter with the Australian Government and update our community on the response from the ACCC.”

Reid said in his letter he had received correspondence claiming that petrol sold in Sydney and country towns such as Orange and Bathurst was 40 cents per litre cheaper than on the Central Coast.

“It is not fair that some Australians are paying less for petrol while others are paying ridiculously more,” he said.

“Why are petrol companies charging higher prices to Central Coast motorists with no explanation?

“I request the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigate and provide a response as to why this in equity is taking place.”

Member for Robertson Gordon Reid

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