Mariners men defeated as women hold fast

Central Coast Mariners women's and men's teams in between games

The inaugural double-header at Gosford’s Industree Group Stadium took place on the afternoon of November 12, creating a buzz among fans.

However, both the women’s and men’s teams struggled to find the back of the net in their respective matches.

The women’s game commenced at 2pm, drawing an impressive crowd of nearly 3,300 fans eager to witness coach Emily Husband’s squad face-off against the seasoned Brisbane Roar.

Having not played for three weeks due to league scheduling issues, the Mariners women appeared a bit rusty. The first half saw Brisbane dominating with their physical style, literally pushing the Mariners aside.

Nonetheless, a brilliant corner from Martin resulted in Badawiya looping her header over the keeper, securing a goal for the home team.

Brisbane quickly responded with an equaliser, and despite the Mariners’ second-half rally showcasing technical skills, the score remained tied at one all.

Following the women’s game, the men’s team took the field amid some optimism from the stands, having returned fresh from a successful match against Bali United in Bali.

Unfortunately, the Mariners men suffered their fourth consecutive loss of the season, falling 2-1 to their Queensland rivals.

The game showcased moments where the local team appeared both tired and inspired within minutes of each other.

Brisbane dominated the first 30 minutes, securing an early goal that made the Central Coast team seem tired and flat-footed.

Abul Koul managed to equalise for the yellow-clad men after some inspired midfield play from Tulio.

A controversial penalty decision was made after Theoharous was taken down in the box, leading to protests from the Roar. A VAR review denied the penalty, sparking protests from the local crowd.

The remainder of the match unfolded as a pitched battle between the two sides, with the Mariners’ defence holding up until full-time, highlighting a need for more front-line firepower.

Despite the results, the 7,070 Mariners fans and the seven Brisbane fans certainly got their money’s worth with the double-header format.

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