Free gym pass for teens over Summer

Dozens of teens converged on Planet Fitness at West Gosford to sign up for the free Teen Fit Pass

With school nearly out for the Summer and parents looking for activities to keep their teenagers busy, Planet Fitness at West Gosford is opening its doors for free with the launch of its Teen Fit Pass program.

Dozens of teenagers converged on the West Gosford gym recently when the program, which offers free gym membership for teenagers aged between 15-19, was launched on November 22.

Teen Fit Pass provides full access to high-tech gym equipment, skilled fitness professionals, training programs and teen-specific workout plans. 

It’s an Australian-first initiative aimed at helping households to make healthy choices despite the rising cost of living.

Recent data shows the cost of children’s sport is rising across the country.

In 2022-23, the average Australian family spent about $1,300 a year on sport and fitness activities for their children, an increase of more than $200 compared to the previous year.

Planet Fitness Australia Managing Director Danielle Monroy said the positive correlation that exercise could have on mental wellbeing was well recognised.

“We believe working out should be accessible, easy, non-intimidating and fun for everyone,” Monroy said.

“Our program is designed to promote healthy habits amongst teens, boosting physical and mental wellbeing.

“We know just how tough Australian families are doing right now, that’s why we are committed to providing fun and affordable fitness for all.

“This program is all about creating an accessible and encouraging atmosphere for young people to get fit with their friends these holidays.”

Fitness Training Support Manager for Planet Fitness, Ashleigh Batcheler, said it was important for young people to establish a regular exercise routine and build healthy habits.

“Teenagers are spending more time in front of screens and on their phones than ever before and it’s having a negative impact on their mental health, with one in five Australian teenagers reporting high levels of psychological distress,” she said.

 “Working out is an effective mood booster, relieving tension and increasing energy levels through the release of endorphins.

 “While many teenagers get exposure to physical activity at school during the term, they’re often left in the dark come summer holidays.

“The Teen Fit Pass program offers teenagers a safe and convenient place to engage in physical activity at no extra cost to their family.”

Registrations for the Teen Fit Pass program is now open to all Australian teens aged 15 to 19.

The program will run from November 2023 to February 2024.

To sign up for the program, visit