Better digital network for Green Point

The proposed tower location, to the right of the driveway behind Coles

A new telecommunications tower will mean significantly improved network coverage and connectivity for the Green Point area.

Downer Group EDI, on behalf of Indara Corporation Pty Ltd (part of the Optus Group), are seeking development approval from Central Coast Council for a new telecommunications facility at 7 Sun Valley Rd, Green Point.

A 30m monopole with Optus equipment will provide new and improved 4G and 5G coverage, providing much-needed voice and data services to the area.

It will be located at the rear of the Coles shopping centre and although Indara acknowledges that the site cannot be totally hidden and the tower will be visible, ancillary equipment at the base of the tower will be well screened by surrounding dense vegetation.

The facility has been designed as a neutral host facility, capable of supporting co-location by other carriers, government entities and wireless service providers and will form a vital component for Central Coast Council’s infrastructure.

The development application (1552/2023) can be viewed on Council’s website.