4id Solutions leading the way

Member for Wyong David Harris with colleague Member for Swansea Yasmin Catley and staff at 4id Solutions

Member for Wyong David Harris popped in to visit local business 4id Solutions recently to congratulate owners and Managing Directors Bruce and Kath Hegan for their “ground-breaking” results in the past three years.

“Bruce and Kath Hegan, along with their team at 4id Solutions, continue to surpass expectations and excel in their radio frequency identification (RFID) manufacturing expertise,” Harris said.

“The rapid growth over the past three years and their passion for investing in research, development, and new technologies to support greater production efficiencies and customer demand has put 4id at the forefront of the RFID converting industry, particularly as a wholesale converter for local and international industry.”

The company specialises in the innovative manufacture of smart labels and tags using radio frequency identification (RFID) contactless technologies, shipping smart tags and labels to clients around the world.

Applications are unlimited, with supply chain, inventory management, healthcare and logistics companies already reaping the benefits from implementing RFID technology to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and visibility.

“One of the key aspects which sets 4id Solutions apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to innovation,” Harris said.

“From their impressive 1,400sqm facility, it is evident 4id Solutions stands as a trailblazer in the global field of RFID technology, driving manufacturing efficiencies through its custom designed systems.”

Harris says the company is now turning its attention to the developing domestic market as it makes Australian businesses aware of its RFID converting capabilities, which are fortified by integrating advanced vision cameras, inline processors, robust reporting and data management systems.

“Their commitment to excellence is further strengthened with the implementation of SafeGuard, ensuring unparalleled quality and security at every step,” he said.

Managing Director Bruce Hegan said with its ability to track and record every aspect of RFID products, right from their origin, SafeGuard ensured unparalleled compliance and conformance.

“Supported by real-time diagnostics and remote app accessibility, this systems-based solution redefines quality control, transforming the way you perceive manufacturing processes,” he said.

Through these technologies, the company has optimised the RFID production process, resulting in a 40 per cent increase in productivity, advanced quality control, faster turnaround times and a decrease in landfill waste by 24 per cent.

The company continues to explore new contactless technologies, including sensor enabled RFID technology.

Sensor-enabled RFID tags, also known as RFID sensors or smart RFID tags, are a combination of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and sensors.

The tags are designed to not only carry a unique identification number (like traditional RFID tags) but also to collect and transmit real-time data about the environment or object to which they are attached.

This integration of sensor technology with RFID adds a layer of functionality beyond simple identification.

As the adoption of sensor enabled technology increases across various industry applications, 4id will host its inaugural Smart Sensing Summit in November, with industry leaders from around the converging to demonstrate and discuss all aspects of this technology.

Many of the employees from the local Central Coast area started with 4id untrained in printing, processing, and RFID technologies.

“We empower our employees through a customised leadership training program, enabling them to embrace ownership of their positions,” Hegan said.

“This symbiotic growth fuels our company’s progress and that of our invaluable team members.”

Member for Wyong David Harris