Mariners women sail to historic victory

The Mariners celebrate after the second goal. Photo: CCM Media

In a thrilling showdown at Coopers Stadium on Friday, October 20, the Central Coast Mariners etched their names in the Liberty A-League Women’s competition annals with a resounding 2-1 triumph over Adelaide United.

The Mariners set sail on a dominant voyage, captained by none other than Taren King, and supported by Wurigumula, ultimately leaving the Reds in their wake.

With a valiant effort from the home side, who clawed one back in the 68th minute, it was a battle of wills.

However, with nerves of steel, our Mariners stood firm, ensuring they left with the coveted three points.

The early exchanges were a fierce skirmish, as both sides vied for supremacy.

Half-chances came and went, but neither could breach the goalkeepers’ defences.

Rola Badawiya looked to seize the moment, but Claudia Jenkins stood resolute, denying the American her season’s debut goal.

Adelaide United thought they had the breakthrough when Rosetta Taylor found herself with an open net in the 30th minute, but an outstanding defensive play by Ash Irwin denied them, though not without a knock to the head.

The Mariners finally broke the deadlock. Badawiya delivered a precision cross into the box, where Jazmin Wardlow’s header found Captain King.

With composure and precision, King found the net, sending the Mariners into half-time with a 1-0 lead.

The Mariners didn’t let up in the second half, relentlessly applying pressure.

Wurigumula’s perseverance paid off as she notched her first goal of the season.

Isabel Gomez provided an exquisite cross, and Wurigumula buried it into the top corner in the 55th minute, doubling the Mariners’ lead.

Adelaide clawed one back, courtesy of a well-executed set play from a corner, with defender Ella Tonkin finding the net.

However, the Mariners’ defence, resilient and unyielding, held their ground as the Reds pushed for an equaliser.

The final score was 2-1 in favor of the Mariners.

With an international break and a postponed game against Sydney FC, the Mariners will enjoy two weekends off before returning to action at Industree Group Stadium on November 12, where they will face Brisbane.

The Mariners have set a course for success, and the Liberty A-League Women’s competition should take notice.

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