Air show powers up its engines

Stunt pilot and cheif organiser Paul Bennet talks to the media.

The Central Coast Air Show will go ahead this weekend despite the cloudy forecast and, the chief organiser crack pilot Paul Bennet made that absolutely clear in a quick few aerial stunts on Tuesday morning for the media.

Last year over ten thousand spectators came to witness the show that had heads turning and hats flying. The air show is conducted on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Bennet spoke to the media before the demo “After every airshow, you can never be too sure that the community will have us back again, but the Central Coast truly welcomed us with open arms and we will keep coming for as long as they will have us!”

A Grumman Avenger stunt aircraft performing a demo for the media

“It was really special this morning to be able to give the local media a taste of what to expect this weekend. Let me just say, if you thought it was big last year – you’re in for a ride this time!”

“We are so thankful for our incredible sponsors that were able to help us bring the Central Coast Airshow – from Smile On Clinics, Beachcomber Hotel, Central Coast Council, STARFM, Central Coast Aeroclub, Your Central Coast Airport and Aerorefuellers… The community truly has come together.”

“This morning we took to the skies in the Grumman Avenger and the Wolf Pitts Pro – both HUGE acts that will be performing over the weekend. There truly is nothing like the sound of the Grumman Avenger or the way your heart will stop when I do my gravity defying stunts in the sky in the Wolf Pitts Pro”

“Make sure you don’t miss the show this weekend, it’s a brilliant day out for all families with a giant festival happening on land at the same time. It’s not just all in the sky! There are food stalls, and rides for kids and that’s just scratching the surface!”

See their website for full details:

Source: Media statements and interview with Paul Bennet of Paul Bennet Air Shows

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