Conservatorium appoints acclaimed Long Jetty pianist

Acclaimed pianist Katy Tsai

Central Coast Conservatorium of Music (CCCM) has appointed acclaimed pianist and Long Jetty local Katy Tsai to its teaching staff.

With a deep understanding of how music can bring a dramatic shift in energy levels, mindset and emotions, Tsai says she is focused on creating music that promotes the wellbeing and mindfulness of others.

“I believe each person is a centre of energy, continually influenced by other energies, light, colour and sound,” she explained.

Tsai has recorded and released several albums especially designed for yoga, meditation and healing.

“Music, especially when experienced live, can bring a dramatic shift in energy levels.

“It can bypass our minds logical and analytical filters and make direct contact with profound feelings deep in our memory and imagination, which in turn produces physical reactions.

“Sound is a potent force.

“This has given me the inspiration to create albums that nurture our wellbeing and craft music events that promotes mindfulness,” she said.

Tsai was born and raised in Taiwan, where she was first introduced to the piano aged five. She said that this was unusual given her entire family was predominantly focused on sports.

“I grew up with my family’s tennis trophies all over the house, but it was clear from a young age that sports were not my forte.

“Thankfully my parents took note and enrolled me in music lessons in the hope that I would find a creative outlet.

“I still vividly remember my first piano lesson. 

My mum asked me in front of the teacher whether I’d like to learn the piano – little did I know that my “yes” would take me on the journey of a lifetime,” she added.

Tsai’s appointment coincides with the re-launch of the school’s entry-level Keyboard Club.

The weekly Keyboard Club lessons are aimed at students who have no previous experience, with the goal of developing basic musicianship skills and a love for music.

“The past two-years have been very stressful on both adults and children alike.  What is really exciting for me is being able to share the joy, mindful and uplifting benefits that come with music,” she said.

Nicola Riches