Highest fuel prices on the Coast put the pinch on Peninsula locals and businesses

Peninsula residents are feeling the pinch as petrol prices reach 14-year highs in some parts of the country.

Locals once again are facing the highest pump prices on the Central Coast, with some paying more than $1.99 per litre.

Experts suggest there’s a combination of factors behind the price peaks, with global oil prices on the rise and a disparity between domestic and international supply and demand.

One resident said the price rises were affecting his business.

“I normally spend $100 to fill up the tank and that might get me through a week of travel,” he said.

“As it gets more expensive, the cost of business goes up so normally a $100 cost then turns to $120, and when you add that up over a whole year … it makes a big difference.”

Another resident said it was “getting too expensive to go anywhere and do anything.

“It cost me 120 bucks to fill my tank,” he said.

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Skaie Hull and Maisy Rae