Re-arranging RATS and deck chairs

Photo source: Pexels

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I’m not very surprised to see the currently unfolding mishandling of the ‘strollout’ of availability of the Rapid Antigen Tests (or RAT test tests?) for Covid 19, by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Scomo is very much out of his depth, as Marketing is his Forte, not Production or Distribution.

Better at the job, at least better than the famously non-hose holding Scomo, might be Anthony Albanese’s mob, for we all know that the ALP has had much more experience of managing ‘Rats in the Ranks,’ and so they might be better at this RAT distribution job than Scomo’s mob?

But might we expect to see sometime soon a counter-offer by the ubiquitious Australian, Clive Palmer, to supply to Australians, ‘Millions’ of some other unproven, Placebo Alternative Covid 19 testing kits?

These, like the delivery of his Titanic replica are eagerly awaited.

Email, Jan 9
Garry Dalrymple, Earlwood