Grave concerns about anti-vax sentiments

Forum –

While l respect your newspapers policy on the freedom of opinions expressed in the Forum, l hold grave concerns on the publishing of antivax sentiments by unqualified and ill-informed community members.

Antivax sentiments which question the efficacy of vaccines to suppress infection and reduce severe side effects and death would be quickly removed from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This is because they are from dubious sources and designed to raise question if vaccines cause harm rather than protect from Covid 19 and its variants.

This “fake news” can have terrible consequences in reaching herd immunity to reduce the number of variants and get us past this pandemic.

A case in point is George Bocska’s claim (Forum 17th December) of “the world leading renowned virologist” advocating to: “Never ever – allow anything or anybody to interfere or supress your immune system”.

The doctor in question is in fact a former veterinary virologist, specialising in microbiology and animal hygiene who has not published a research paper since 1995.

So the claim that he is a world expert is highly inaccurate.

Although, l respect the right of people to voice their opinions on issues in which they have some knowledge, publishing opinions by non-experts on issues of complex virology and immunology is about as enlightening as Mr Bocska’s views on the Theory of Relativity.

My advice to George and other community members who believe they are immunosuppressed is to listen to your doctor and trusted sources like ATAGI on appropriate treatment regimens.

The science fraternity in Australia is of the highest calibre so you don’t need to spend time trawling the internet to find self- appointed “experts” who confirm your worst fears.

Rather than educating you on vaccines, you are instead likely to find they are more interested in selling you horse deworming medication.

Email, Dec 18
Tahir Turk, Springfield