Chamber welcomes Ettalong resurgence

Construction of a five-storey hotel complex on Memorial Ave is expected to commence in early 2022

The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce recently expressed its support for several new development projects in Ettalong which it described as part of a ‘resurgence in the town centre’.

“It’s been a long time coming, but finally Ettalong Beach has found its feet and is looking forward to a raft of new investment in mixed use and residential development”, Chamber President, Matthew Wales, said.

“We have been working closely with the both the former Gosford City Council and now Central Coast Council to create an environment where property owners and investors have sufficient confidence to redevelop some of the best beachfront commercial land on the Central Coast.

“With the completion of the Atlantis Apartments on The Esplanade and construction of the new five storey residential complex on the old Centrelink site in Ocean View Rd, we are seeing a town transformed.

“It is vitally important for our centres to revitalise and renew lest they fall into decline like so many other locations across the region.”

Wales said the Chamber is also looking forward to construction of a five-storey 84 room hotel complex on Memorial Ave which is expected to commence in early 2022.

“There are other great mixed-use developments on the drawing board for Ettalong Beach which will deliver new residential and retail floor space that will encourage people to live in town and strengthen the local economy,” Wales said.

“Much of this growth and investment is being driven by young cashed up families who have seen the Peninsula as a great place to live and bring up their families just as our parents did many years ago.

“NorthConnex and improved rail services to Sydney are also encouraging people to move to the Peninsula as access to the metro area becomes easier.

“It’s important to encourage the younger demographic who have a broader disposable income base and inject fresh ideas into our local community.

“The Chamber estimates that new development in the town centre will inject nearly $200M of investment into Ettalong Beach with the potential to create up to 250 new full time and part time jobs.

“The business community will continue to work closely with Central Coast Council to ensure that development approvals are delivered in quick time so that Ettalong Beach can continue to prosper.”

Media release, Nov 30
Peninsula Chamber of Commerce