Elderly dog owners ‘ignored’

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The Recreation Precinct will cost $8.25M and Rogers Park [at] Woy Woy upgrade didn’t report a cost but there’s no mention of any “off lead” recreation space for dogs and their owners.

Cricket, football, soccer, BMX, skate park, basketball, club rooms, change rooms, walking tracks, BBQ, all very welcome, but what about elderly people and their dogs who need exercise?

We cannot always use the great off leash areas on the beach, due to difficulty walking on sand with bad knees and hips.

Council has allowed lots of flats, villas, townhouses with only small courtyards and in most cases no footpaths.

Requests to Council and [the] Administrator to at least consider this matter and provide some feedback have been ignored.

Ads in the local paper [of] “Keep your dog on a lead” [are] very negative.

What about some positive statements about what Council [is] doing to provide better dog owner facilities?

Council offers for responsible dog parks need to do some research into great facilities provided by other councils.

Check out Sydney.

Email, Nov 23
Ian Tylee, Ettalong Beach