Belinda one of three chosen for US mentorship

Belinda Keehn

An Ettalong businessowner has gone from promoting luxury to learning, joining forces with an American-based internship program to help grow her brand.

Belinda Keehn from luxury loungewear company, BJ’s PJ’s, was one of three Australian brands to be chosen to work with ‘The Inturnship’ – a US-based mentorship program for advertising graduates.

Keehn received access to a team of eight advertising interns over 15 weeks to help rebrand her business for free.

“They did logos, colours, tags, the website … the whole shebang,” Keehn said.

“It was quite incredible.

“We met once a week and went through every detail, and in the meantime, all the interns we’re getting together and working … it’s a kind of thing that would normally cost a company around $25,000.

“The work was absolutely amazing, I’m so grateful.

A mockup of the BJ’s PJ’s new website as part of the rebrand

“Refocusing our brand to “Belinda Jane’s Lifewear” offers a new vitality, personality, emotion and alignment to our target audience.

“Getting the support, skills, and dedication from trustworthy and highly skilled people was a dream come true, and all possible because of the kindness and generosity of such wonderful and amazing people.

“They have brought to life a new vision and opened the doors to many more opportunities.”

Keehn was afforded the opportunity through Global Sisters, an Australian not-for profit organisation that aims to support women in business.

“It’s been amazing to be a part of and its helped so many women, even homeless women who have started their own businesses,” Keehn said.

“Global Sisters connected with some guys in America who were trying to start up their own business … they then offered their services to three brands.

“It happened through COVID, and consumer confidence in luxury items was down during that time, we were all struggling.

“[The rebrand] was perfect timing as it kept our spirits up.”

Founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Inturnship was started by Chris Puma and Harley Garner, two advertising professionals with experience working alongside Google, Playstation, Walmart, and several other popular brands.

Maisy Rae