Rejecting the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

Letters to the editor

Forum –

I write regarding the article ‘Local voluntary assisted dying advocate asks for community support’.

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 (Greenwich Bill) released by Alex Greenwich MP is much more dangerous than previous proposals as it removes many protections that were present in the 2017 Bill that was rejected by the NSW Parliament.

The doctors signing off on someone’s death don’t even need to meet and examine the patient in-person; they can sign-off on a patient’s death via telehealth.

It requires no mental health assessment of the patient, and no mandatory reporting to the coroner.

There are many more concerns about this Bill that put vulnerable people at great risk.

The issue of faith-based hospitals and nursing homes, that support sacredness of life, must allow all stages of the assisted suicide process.

This Bill does not provide protections/help for those with mental issues (suicidal), family pressure, or economic family gain.

There are no parameters to safeguard against wrongful deaths.

To call on the community to support a very dangerous Bill that has no protections in place to ensure all options have been addressed, and in a timely manner before someone is euthanised, is irresponsible.

This Bill, as it stands, needs to be rejected – let your local MP know.

What hypocrisy from the Queensland Premier stating ‘this is about choice’ and ‘this is not about me or anyone in the House telling someone else what to do’, and the NSW Deputy Premier stating ‘the state and the church should keep out of individual lives’.

Look at what they are doing to the citizens of this country with the vaccine.

Where’s our choice in getting the vaccine?

How come the House can mandate an experimental vaccine and even force doctors to comply and not offer other known medication to stop the virus?

How come the state can order people to be vaccinated and order when and where we can go?

It all depends on the agenda of the Government, not the rights of the people.

Email, Sep 27
Linda Telisman, Umina Beach