Soft plastics recycling scheme open for sign ups

More than 7,100 Central Coast households have opted into the Curby soft plastics program since it was made available in the region on August 9, following a successful trial last November.

Residents can register for the service on their smart phone.

It provides a simple, fun and rewarding way to recycle soft plastics from the comfort and safety of your home using your Council yellow lid recycling bin.

To register, download the Curby App and register before October 9.

Participants will be provided with Curby bags and tags to collect their soft plastics.

The tagged bags can be placed in yellow bins, from where the soft plastics will be separated and diverted from landfill and used to create other products.

Plastic bags cannot be placed in yellow lid bins for recycling unless they are in the special Curby bags.

Council Director Infrastructure Services, Boris Bolgoff, said the Central Coast is leading the way to help shape the future of soft plastics recycling nationally.

“Our community’s dedication to reducing waste and protecting our land and marine environments continually amazes and inspires us,” Bolgoff said.

“We understand that many people in our community are waiting on their Curby Pack to arrive in the post – Curby has guaranteed absolutely everyone registered will receive their pack so please be patient as the Curby Team methodically go through the list of households and in the meantime, please keep collecting your soft plastics ready for when your pack arrives.”

Council Administrator, Rik Hart, said Council was delighted to be part of the Australia-first program.

“We know that the Central Coast community is passionate about waste reduction but this response from our residents is simply outstanding,” Hart said.

“The values of our community are strongly tied to our environment and we are delighted to continually look for opportunities like the Curby program, which enables our residents to live their values.”

The program is run in collaboration with Australian recyclers iQ Renew and CurbCycle.

If residents do not have a smart phone they can recycle soft plastics using a nearby existing REDcycle drop off location, which can be found online at

Media release, Sep 17
Central Coast Council