Government should pay for council failure

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In his haste to get the government’s mandate (for a rate rise), the Administrator is now telling us a different story.

The 13 per cent increase is now being touted as to be on top of the normal yearly rate rise [of 2 per cent].

He also compares our rates to that of Newcastle, which is a different council area.


That is just a smoke screen to hide behind his own agenda for his government.

The Administrator states we have not been paying enough in certain areas of water and sewerage for years – really?

Then perhaps he can explain how Wyong Council had tens of millions of dollars on hand and no outstanding debts and was running quite smoothly before the government made them join with Gosford who seemed to be in trouble.

They caused this debacle and now want us to pay for their incompetence.

One wonders why the Administrator is trying to bludgeon IPART into his scheme to make us pay and not the government.

They should be paying for this problem they caused.

There is a problem that exists in all councils – they are all politicians, or aligned with a political party of one kind or another these days.

Email, Aug 23
Alan Chiron, Blue Haven