Woy Woy PS kicks off Dance Festival

Woy Woy Public School have kicked off their dance program with the opening of this year’s Central Coast Dance Festival on Wednesday, June 16.

The school’s Guliyali Dance Group opened the Festival at the Laycock Street Theatre, before the Stage Two ‘Better When I’m Dancin’ group performed the following evening.

Principals, Ona Buckley and Dan Betts, said the groups, by all accounts, ‘dazzled the audience with their moves and sheer cuteness’.

“[The] group performed amazingly well and did the school proud,” the principals said.

“[A] huge thanks to Mrs Cooper and Mrs Mallarky and all who helped them with dance groups this year, especially Gillian Graf who spent many long nights preparing costumes for our students to wear.”

However, the school’s Stage 3 ‘Driver’s Licence’ dance group was unable to perform at the Festival on June 23 due to the tightening of COVID-19 restrictions imposed earlier on the day.

Buckley and Betts said the dancers were devastated when they received the news.

“They’d put so much hard work into perfecting their routine; it was very sad that they weren’t able to put everything together on stage,” the principals said.

“Commiserations go out to everyone in the group.

“We look forward them having the opportunity to perform their dance on another occasion or occasions later in the year.”

Newsletter, June 25
Woy Woy Public School