Sensors and blue ink could just solve the shopping trolley problem

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I can’t believe (there will be a) meeting regarding the disposal of shopping trolleys (CCN300).

First, on multiple occasions over the years I have (called) supermarkets and their head offices telling them that there were shopping trolleys just sitting there outside my home and in my street.

I felt like a bit of a nuisance and rarely did the supermarket chain come to pick them up.

Most of the time they ended up being taken by some down and out sort of person.

Secondly, there is a special marker that’s been around for years, (which puts a) sensor into or onto the pavement to stop the trolleys from being taken over that line, as it locks the wheels etc.

All retail could be working on the same system, working in with the Council to erect them in public spaces, at the edge of shopping areas.

And to stop the trolley being vandalised, blue ink, etc.

Email, Jul 10
Emma Furness, Gosford

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