Umina beach PS celebrates National Walk Safely to School Day

Students participated in the 22nd National Walk Safely to School Day

Umina Beach Public School recently celebrated the 22nd National Walk Safely to School Day with a healthy breakfast and greetings from Salty – the school’s mascot.

The event was held on May 14 in an effort to encourage Primary School children to walk and commute safely to school.

President of Umina Beach Public School’s Parents and Carers Association, Lucy Lamont, said the lack of safe pathways.

“We unfortunately have a lack of crossings and safe pathways on the way to school and I hope that Walk to School Day will highlight this issue,” Lamont said.

“If the walk to school was safe, I’d be in a better position to send my kids to school by themselves but at the moment I’m not confident because of the lack of safety.

“We want to see families get out of the house and take in the surrounds and appreciate the amazing wildlife we have around our schools.”

Several parents at the School were said to be concerned about their children’s safety following calls for the surrounds of the school to be upgraded.

Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, said it was great to see people making an effort to walk or ride to school.

“There were many families walking to school, with some completing their daily routine, while others made a special effort to walk to school,” Tesch said.

“Walk to School Day was a huge success with some parents planning to get together once a month and make a morning of the walk to school.

“In the future I envision this being a daily routine for students but that must come with safe walkways to ensure our kids arrive at school safely.

Most schools across the Peninsula participated on the day.

Media release, May 24
Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch