Subdivision approval sought to create major commercial industrial development

Planning is underway for a commercial industrial development in Bryant Dr, Tuggerah, with the first step being a five-lot Torrens title subdivision application to Central Coast Council.

Fiducia Group’s subdivision plan sets the framework for bigger plans for the land owned by Wyong Coal Pty Ltd at 25-27 Bryant Dr.

This development application (DA), 1005/2020, is for subdivision only and separate DAs for buildings would be lodged over the individual lots by future owners.

It is envisaged that the subdivision would lead to a mixed use industrial precinct potentially with warehouse/industrial uses, high technology industries, food and beverage businesses.

At present there are two lots – Lot 1 of 12ha with an existing large industrial building and parking which has been used for mining-related purposes, and Lot 2 of 4ha which is currently vacant.

The site is within an IN1 General Industry Zone, E3 Environmental Management Zone and E2 Environmental Conservation Zone.

Plans are to locate the industrial lots and roads in the IN1 zone (which is all of Lot 1 and half Lot 2)

 and the remaining E3 and E2 zoned land will contain a stormwater basin which will capture and treat the runoff from the roads and building pads.

It will be a staged development, starting with new roads, footpaths, shared pathway along Bushland Dr, underground water, gas, communications, sewer and electrical, and landscaping.

The Statement of Environmental Effects says the development represents the catalyst for significant employment generation, through construction as well as future business uses.

Fiducia commissioned Macroplan to assess the economic benefits, with an Employment Benefits Statement concluding that it would be a superior outcome, with 690 to 820 additional direct jobs and an Industry Value Add of close to between $95M to $115M per annum.

“There is potential for even more employment indirectly through complementary services and supporting local businesses,” the report said.

“The subdivision, comprising site works, construction, road upgrade and site remediation over the two years, would generate 110 to 120 full-time equivalent jobs per annum directly in the construction industry and a further 170 to 190 full-time equivalent jobs per annum indirectly (for example jobs in transport, manufacturing, fabrication, design).”

An Urban Design Report and Place Making Report accompanied the DA to provide some insight into potential future development.

Key features for potential uses include 70,000sqm of commercial floor space including industrial uses, high-technology industries and food and drink premises; 15,630sqm of open space; 3,620m of water/cycling connections; 24-hour operation accommodation area activation at all times; the inclusion of a community plaza, incorporation of local natural qualities into the design through the lake (proposed flood basin), future pocket park and linkages to offsite wetlands and Pioneer Dairy.

Sue Murray