Four-year capital works program details released

Noraville Cemetery

Central Coast Council’s 2021-22 capital works budget has been bumped up by $1.5M to $175M, thanks to some of the planned projects being fully funded by grants.

The airport will get $487,000 for relocation of Central Coast Aero Club at the Warnervale site, and over the four years of the capital works program, a total $1.8M has been allocated for upgrades.

There’s $2M for shared pathway construction at Magenta in 2021-22 and for each of the following three financial years there will be $2.5M, all coming from developer or other contributions.

An upgrade of the amenities building at the Adelaide St Oval sportsground at Killarney Vale to the tune of $1.4M will be jointly funded by Council and a government grant.

In 2021-22, an allocation of $6.9M will go to construction of new cell at Buttonderry Waste Management Facility and an additional amount of just over $5M will be spent across the years 2022 to 2025

The Mardi water treatment plant major upgrade has been allocated $6.8M in 2021-22, $25.8M in 2022-23 and $7.7M in 2023-24.

There will also be major electrical renewal at the water treatment plant costing $1.6M over the three years to 2024.

Some projects have been cut, deferred or reduced in 2021-22, including the renewal program for boat ramps, jetties and swimming enclosures which went from $75,000 to zero, the $735,000 intersection upgrade at Ocean Pde and Boondilla Rd at Blue Bay has been abandoned and the shared pathway and footpath renewal program has been cut from $512,472 to $375,000.

Council declined to adopt its Greener Places Strategy as requested during the public exhibition period of the plan.

Council said the strategy had been due for adoption but its budget and resources had been allocated to higher priority projects.

The Wyong Town Centre Structure Plan has been removed from the operational plan, another victim of other priority projects needing to be delivered within budget and resources.

However, the draft Lake Munmorah Structure Plan should be ready for endorsement by June 30, 2022, and the draft Greater Warnervale Area Structure Plan should be put on public exhibition during the 2021-22 financial year.

Region-wide, roadworks will see $2.1M for resealing, $1.3M for asphalt resurfacing, $275,000 for the heavy patch program, the car park renewal program will get $200,000 and bus stop improvements have been allocated $400,000.

Listed here is a summary of specific key community projects in the four-year capital works program, with all figures relating to 2021-22 unless otherwise noted.

Bateau Bay

Upgrade of a gross pollutant trap in Eastern Rd, $50,000 in 2024-25.

Grant funding of $78,012 will go to roadworks on Jonathon Cl and maintenance on drainage pipes in Yakalla St will cost $25,000.

A $70,000 allocation in 2023-24 will go towards designing and constructing a new playground at the Cynthia Street Community Centre.

Berkeley Vale

Lakedge Ave will be upgraded with $837,000 for drainage, kerb and gutter, footpath and pavement works as well as $6.4M spread over the four years until 2025 for a major drainage upgrade.

A new $30,000 concrete ramp will go in at Myrtle Brush Community Hall.

Blue Haven

Funding from the Environment Restoration Fund of $50,000 will continue work including a gross pollutant trap in Olney Cres, followed by another $131,000 in 2022-23.


As part of Stage 3 of the Budgewoi Town Centre, $30,000 has been budgeted for a kerb ramp upgrade.

Kala and Walu Aves will get some attention with road upgrades, kerb and gutter, footpath and drainage with an allocation of $1.5M in 2022-23 and $550,000 in 2023-24.

A $300,000 allocation in 2022-23 will see renewal of the playspace at Mackenzie Reserve.

Buff Point

An Environment Restoration Fund grant of $10,000 for improvements in Barega Cl.

Canton Beach

In 2023-24, $300,000 has been allocated for drainage and irrigation improvements at Darren Kennedy Oval.

Cedars Brush Creek

Maloneys Bridge will be replaced with grant funding of $900,000 and another $200,000 in 2022-23.

Another grant of $770,000 will cover the cost of replacing Yorkys Creek bridge.

Chain Valley Bay

Grant funding of $525,671 will pay for the pavement renewal and road resurfacing at Chain Valley Bay Rd during 2021-23.

There will be a car park upgrade in Mulloway Rd, costing $435,000, partially funded by a grant as well as resurfacing of Dedman Lane at $43,810.


The community hall will get an internal fitout with a $60,000 budget allocation in 2023-24.


Development of a sporting facility has been allocated $2.5M in 2024-25.


Skyline St will be resurfaced at $356,514, a cost shared by Council and a government grant.


Developer contributions of $100,000 will fund work at the playspace at Tunkuwallin Oval.

In 2023-24, another $300,000 will go to upgrading the car park, as well as $85,000 for a dog exercise area.

Also that year, the local skate park will get a $300,000 upgrade.


In 2023-24 there will an upgrade of gross pollutant traps in Sunrise Ave and Macleay Dr, costing $250,000.

Almost $300,000 will go towards a drainage upgrade on Walu Ave, as well as $248,500 for road improvements, kerb and gutter and footpath.

Sports facilities at Halekulani Oval has been allocated $80,000 for refurbishment.

Hamlyn Terrace

A $2.5M drainage upgrade will take place on Louisiana Rd.


The timber bridge on Little Jilliby Rd will be replaced with grant funding of $900,000 over the next two financial years.

The cemetery lawn burial section will be upgraded with $12,000 from restricted funds, followed in 2024-25 with $50,000 for boundary garden areas and fencing including memorialisation options.

A sum of $12,000 has been allocated the same year to prepare a development application for car parks, an entrance and drainage at the cemetery.

Kangy Angy

Fowlers Rd bridge will be replaced, thanks to a grant of $450,000.

Lake Haven

New drainage will go in at the Tennis Centre, costing $20,000.

Gym equipment at the Recreation Centre will be replaced in 2023-24 with a $300,000 allocation.

Lake Munmorah

The budget has allocated $80,000 for construction of a shared pathway along the Pacific Highway, a project continuing from 2020-21

Long Jetty

There will be intersection upgrades at Grandview St and Bonnieview St, costing $954,000, and at Tuggerah Pde and Archbold Rd, costing $652,000.

A grant of $450,000 will go to resurfacing Nirvana St.

Establishment of a pedestrian refuge on Grandview St has been allocated $105,000 in 2021-22 and again in 2023-24.

Toowoon Bay Rd and Tuggerah Pde intersection will be upgraded with $800,000 in 2022-23 and the following year $765,000 will go to the Toowoon Bay Rd and Watkins St intersection.

Foreshore public toilets have been allocated $150,000.

Mannering Park

A $260,000 grant will cover the cost of traffic safety improvements on Ruttleys Rd.

An open channel upgrade on Gymea Cres has been allocated $95,000.


Grant funding will cover road safety improvements on Old Maitland Rd at $1.9M.

There will be $105,000 improvements to the playspace in Woolmers Cres.

Norah Head

Paterson St will be resurfaced with a grant of $409,680.


A sum of $234,000 from restricted funds will go towards memorialisation gardens and walls, as well as $164,000 from 2021-23 for an upgrade of the lawn burial area at Noraville Cemetery.

From 2022-24, $605,000 has been allocated for amenities and an outdoor chapel at the cemetery.

About $30,000 will be spent on drainage pipe maintenance in Reynolds Rd.


Palmtree Grove will get a $350,000 trash rack and Frederick St will get a $25,000 footpath as well as maintenance on drainage pipes at a cost of $45,000.

Sohier Park will see some improvements over the four-year operational plan starting this year with new playground equipment, costing $110,000; in 2022-23 there is $50,000 for the community hall and in 2023-24 a sum of $35,000 will go to improving drainage and irrigation.

San Remo

In 2024-25, there’s $30,000 for drainage and irrigation improvements at Northlakes Oval.

Shelly Beach

Over the next three financial years, a total $6M from grant funding will go towards upgrading Shelly Beach Rd with improved drainage, kerb and gutter, footpath and pavement works.


There’s $200,000 this year for the public toilets at Don Small Oval, and in 2024-25, there is $30,000 for drainage and irrigation improvements at the oval.

Tacoma South

Just over $1.7M over the next two years will go towards installation of the new low pressure sewerage system.

The Entrance

A $2.4M upgrade and renewal of the Visitor Information Centre is planned in 2021-22, along with street light planter boxes installed in the Town Centre, costing $38,400.

Memorial Park will get trees to the tune of $36,720, boat ramp tree seating at $45,000 and in 2023-24 there’s $500,000 to upgrade the car park.

The Waterfront Plaza will get some attention with synthetic turf ($27,200) in 2022-23 and then the next year $540,000 for outdoor awnings, followed by $100,000 in 2024-25 for main street outdoor dining.

Lighting upgrades in Coral St will cost $68,400.

A total $940,000 over the two years 2023-25 will go to an intersection upgrade at Boondilla Rd and Gosford Ave.

Pavement renewal and resurfacing on McGirr Ave will cost $571,824 and, in 2022-23, the same work will be carried out on Oakland Ave with a $177,000 allocation.

Taylor’s Bay public toilet replacement at $190,000 has been brought forward as a higher priority, there’s $80,000 to refurbish Memorial Park public toilets, however, improvements at Karagi Point public toilets have been reduced from $300,00 to $50,000 for design only at this stage.

Female toilets and changerooms at Grant McBride Baths will be refurbished, costing $167,000, and the men will get their turn in 2022-23 with a $100,000 allocation.

Renewal of the Pelican Wharf Fish Co-op at The Entrance North is planned with $180,000 in 2023-24.

A total $950,000 over 2022-24 will see a redevelopment design for the surf lifesaving club and boatshed.


A sum of $60,000 has been allocated in 2023-24 to undertake a detailed design and development application for a new art studio at Toukley Tourist and Art Centre.

There’s $18,000 for kerb upgrade in the Town Centre and in 2022-23 there is $120,000 for lighting in the northern section of Coles’ carpark.

In 2024-25, the gross pollutant trap will be renewed in Palomar Ave at a cost of $100,000.

Over the next two financial years, $737,040 will go towards pavement renewal and road resurfacing on Leonard Ave.

Two sections of Moss Ave will be upgraded, totalling just over $1M, and parts of Peel St will be resurfaced from grant funding of $615,334.

Amenities at Harry Moore Oval will get $80,000 for refurbishment and $50,000 will go to refurbishment of the Neighbourhood Centre.


Sections of Mildon Rd will be resurfaced with grants totalling $554,400.

Traffic safety improvements at the Tonkiss St access to Westfield will go ahead with a $65,000 grant and Gavenlock Rd pavement renewal and resurfacing is funded from grants totalling $727,056.


Construction of the foreshore shared pathway will continue with $1.4M in 2021-22, then $3.9M over the following two financial years.

Construction of Tuggerawong shared pathway

Tumbi Umbi

A grant of $131,340 will cover the cost of roadworks on Brenda Cres and there will be embankment stabilisation on The Ridgeway, costing $55,000.


In 2024-25, there’s $100,000 for a sports facility at Wadalba East.


Sewer infrastructure at the Town Centre has been allocated $4.1M in 2021-22, then $391,00 and $50,000 in the following two financial years.

Grant funding will cover the $1.8M for water infrastructure at the Town Centre over the next three years.

Drainage upgrades on Warnervale Rd between 2023-25 have been costed at almost $2.4M.


Developer contributions of $100,000 will fund the district park development at Hilltop Park.


Improvements at Wyong Town Centre includes upgrades to seating ($56,000), bin enclosures ($79,170) and kerb ramps ($30,000).

In 2022-23, decorative lighting to the tune of $25,000 with go in the Town Centre.

Grant funding will cover the $605,893 cost of pavement renewal and road resurfacing on Hue Hue Rd, as well as resurfacing of Hely St at $327,240.

A raised intersection will be installed on Alison Rd with a $140,000 grant and the drainage pipes on Waratah St will be rehabilitated, costing $150,000.

The old tennis building at Baker Park has been allocated $120,000 in 2024-25 to put on a new roof.

Wyong Pool will also get some upgrades over the 2022-24 period with $135,000 for the grandstand and 120,000 to renew the filtration system and the changerooms.


An amount of $174,000 has been allocated over 2021-23 for upgrade of Murrawal Rd, including drainage, kerb and gutter, footpath and road pavement works.

In 2024-25, there’s $330,000 to upgrade the playspace at Tuggerawong Hall.


Embankment stabilisation along Yarramalong Rd will cost $40,000.

Sue Murray